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Our course library currently offers three courses and video lessons with accompanying downloadable e-worksheets for each. Browse our growing course catalogue below and check back for more courses uploaded regularly.

All Access Pass

The HX Academy All Access Pass is the most comprehensive learning option to make immediate real change, and to pursue excellence always-every patient, every time in your organization.  The All Access Pass will equip your team with an all-inclusive training solution. In this growing library of 4 courses and over 15 videos of bite sized micro learnings you will gain a command of a variety of competencies in communication, improving the patient experience, growing your EQ or emotional intelligence capacity, and learn to manage and even leverage conflict that inevitably arises; as well as elevate your responses to patient and family concerns to positively effect critical outcomes and boost patient loyalty.

$499 $650 /year


CARES™ provides a framework of key communication skills and behaviors for delivering excellent patient experiences, every time.

6 Lessons

$199 $275

Conversation Curve™

The Conversation Curve™ is a conflict resolution model that can guide a difficult conversation to a positive resolution. This tool provides a path to break down barriers and teaches the value of true, two-way communication in difficult situations.

3 Lessons



Empathy is key in building trust and deepening relationships with our patients. Learn how to avoid patient labeling, resensitize the patient experience, and practice empathy in your communication with patients and families.

3 Lessons


Amplifying Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is the differentiating skill in success. Many times smart people miss their potential because of low or underdeveloped emotional intelligence. This high impact HXAacademy Instructional course hones precisely on the skills of: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management that can unlock leadership potential. Emotional Intelligence is one of the most foundational skills needed to engage employees, physicians, and patients as well as influence change and grow personally and professionally.  

4 Lessons

$125 $225


Improving  the  patient  experience  is  a  top priority  for  hospitals  and  health  systems.

HCAHPS  is  a  call  to  action  to  elevate  the  consistency  of  care  we  provide  to  every  patient,  every  time. More  than a  survey,  it  is  an  opportunity  for  patients  to  have  a  voice  in the  quality  of  care  they  have received  and a  tool  for  them to  hold us  accountable.  This 15 lesson course hones in on specific strategies to engage staff and physicians in patient experience, as well as develop key competencies and domain specific action plans to improve service and quality performance.

Coming Soon

Patient Rounding

Amplify the effectiveness of your patient rounding to unlock improvements in patient loyalty and HCAHPS performance. This course will help leaders overcome common barriers and implement solutions.

Coming Soon

Service Recovery

Response to concerns and complaints is a key driver of the patient experience. This course addresses the key competencies that empower leaders, staff and physicians to recover service disappointments in a way that positively shapes the memories, referrals, and loyalty of patients as well as quality and service outcomes.

Coming Soon

Burnout & Resiliency

Burnout has dominated the conversation in healthcare for many important reasons. This course focuses on essential attributes for building individual and team resiliency and workforce wellness.

Coming Soon

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