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Our course library currently offers nine courses and video lessons with accompanying downloadable e-worksheets for each. Browse our growing course catalogue below and check back for more courses uploaded regularly.

All Access Pass

The HX Academy All Access Pass is the most comprehensive learning option to make immediate real change, and to pursue excellence always-every patient, every time in your organization.  The All Access Pass will equip your team with an all-inclusive training solution. In this growing library of courses and videos of bite sized micro learnings you will gain a command of a variety of competencies in communication, improving the patient experience, growing your EQ or emotional intelligence capacity, and learn to manage and even leverage conflict that inevitably arises; as well as elevate your responses to patient and family concerns to positively effect critical outcomes and boost patient loyalty.

Mastering Bedside Shift Report: From Inconsistency to Excellence

Equip your leaders and staff with best practice tools and skills development (or reengagement) in Bedside Shift Report as an essential communication strategy to promote teamwork, safe transitions, and position the oncoming shift in the eyes of your patients.

Service Recovery

Understanding exactly what Service Recovery is and having a plan for implementation is top of mind for leaders in healthcare across the country. Service Recovery is a communication practice and process (including a set of tools and techniques) that can be used to make things right after something has gone wrong with the healthcare experience. Service recovery, when executed timely and effectively not only improves patient loyalty and referrals, it also positively affects quality and service outcomes.

Hourly Rounding

Improving quality, safety and service excellence is a top priority of all caring hospital leaders, physicians and staff.  Hourly Rounding is a strong evidence based best practice to achieve this goal. In this video course we demonstrate the power and results of Hourly Rounding, giving you practical steps you can use to begin or begin again your commitment to this valued best practice.


New research in retention rates demonstrates that we must focus beyond the first year and understand that it is the first THREE years that are most critical. In this Retention video lesson learn to hire for retention, create a warm welcome to build trust in the early days and how to create a calendar with milestones to invest in employees that nurture and support their growth in the organization.

Quick Tips Library

The HXA Quick Tips Library is an on-demand video source to support your work in your “always’ patient experience goals.

Reward & Recognition

Reward and recognition is critical to an employee’s success and work performance. It generates
commitment, ownership, and loyalty from staff. People are the lifeblood of your organization. When you empower your employees to be partners in your success, they begin to look at their jobs differently. They become team players. They begin to care about the overall reputation of where they work. They invest their hearts and souls into something that matters beyond a paycheck. And, consequently, they become the driving force behind change that equals success.


CARES™ provides a framework of key communication skills and behaviors for delivering excellent patient experiences, every time.

Primary Care – Patient Experience of Care Survey

With the launch of the Primary Care First (PCF) payment model, there is an urgency to reflect on and evaluate where we, in clinical practices, stand in our delivery of excellent, “always” patient care experiences. In this 12-video lesson course you will be equipped to take the PCF patient experience survey through your patients’ perspective, identify the 5 specific domains that will be reported and gain knowledge to improve where you find gaps.

Burnout & Resiliency

It’s startling to think that 40%-60% of physicians experience burnout in their careers. Even more so that 50% residents experience burnout too. While burnout is a very real concern that physicians and physician leaders deal with, many of them don’t feel comfortable speaking up for themselves or when they see others struggling. In this 7 video course we discuss what burnout is, how it manifests, why it’s important to the overall health of the organization, and what physicians and leaders can do support each other and how everyone can learn to practice self-compassion and self-care.

Conversation Curve™

The Conversation Curve™ is a conflict resolution model that can guide a difficult conversation to a positive resolution. This tool provides a path to break down barriers and teaches the value of true, two-way communication in difficult situations.

Accelerating Medical Practice Success

Discover in this four video HXA Instructional series the key components in how patient perceptions are shaped in the clinical practice environment. Learn ways to create and set patient expectations that build confidence for them and your staff, physicians, and providers. Make a commitment to look deeper, and further into how the patients in your practice view their experience at each touch point in their care. Gain strategies and resources to elevate your patient experience, evaluate your total practice experience, re-evaluate wait times, and not just in the office, and learn the value of patient rounding.


Empathy is key in building trust and deepening relationships with our patients. Learn how to avoid patient labeling, resensitize the patient experience, and practice empathy in your communication with patients and families.

Senior Leader Rounding on Physicians and Providers

Senior Leader Rounding is an essential competency and process to foster organizational alignment and build trust between medical staff and senior leaders. When implemented consistently and effectively, this competency and process leads to improved physician and provider engagement, patient experience, and quality outcomes. It is a practice that can quickly mobilize the organization in achieving important goals and afford the senior team the opportunity to role model and clarify expectations. This HXA Instructional 3 video series will equip your executive team to expand competencies that build confident and trusting relationships with physicians and providers.

Amplifying Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional intelligence is the differentiating skill in success. Many times smart people miss their potential because of low or underdeveloped emotional intelligence. This high impact HXAacademy Instructional course hones precisely on the skills of: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management that can unlock leadership potential. Emotional Intelligence is one of the most foundational skills needed to engage employees, physicians, and patients as well as influence change and grow personally and professionally.  

Creating HCAHPS Excellence

A culture of “always” is possible today in healthcare. Every day we go to work with the earnest intent to provide excellent care for our patients and their families.  The HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey is a tool to achieve our goal. While what is measured on HCAHPS is likely what we would want for our loved ones, and everyone who wears a badge impacts HCAHPS performance, there is usually a disconnect in results. This course goes beyond understanding the data. You will learn how to drive change using skills to impact patient experience culture with practical, real world strategies you can immediately adopt.

Patient Rounding

Patient rounding is an essential ingredient to pivot forward and accelerate patient experience excellence. At its core patient rounding is a practice and a process, designed to connect leaders and patients to build the relationship, validate the care experience (service and quality) and gain tools to recognize and coach team performance. Yet, chances are you have tried patient rounding previously. We will help you close the gaps between effort and effectiveness with this learning course designed to reduce variability while instilling patient confidence in the organization, the team, its leadership and quality of care.


Working as a team and making that visible to our patients is crucial in our efforts to improve the patient experience. Teamwork impacts our patients’ perceptions about the care they are receiving. Whether we realize it or not, patients are taking their cues from us in evaluating their level of care and if it is excellent. In this 2 lesson video course you will gain insight and an understanding of how communicating with each other, our tone, words and behaviors, can raise or sink your patients perceptions of care.

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