CARES™ for Consistent Patient Experiences

Communicating successfully deserves our full attention. It is crucial in avoiding negative outcomes, building trust with patients and families, and each other. Learn through the CARES™ Model how to create a more authentic experience between caregivers and patients. Communication with patients and each other is one of the most frequent areas leaders, physicians and staff are looking to grow. The CARES™ Model works in every area level of care, in every care setting because CARES™ begins with empathy. (Video Duration: 3min:50s)

Course Description

CARES™ provides a framework of key communication skills and behaviors for delivering excellent patient experiences, every time.

Healthcare experiences are shaped by more than the words spoken and actions taken. Real encounters are complex and interactive, requiring planning and practice to achieve the best experience for both caregivers and their patients.

While healthcare service excellence began with scripted messages and moved to planned conversations, we now know that achieving safety, quality and experience goals requires a comprehensive approach to providing care. That method must include not only how to deliver a message, but also an improvisational approach with deep understanding of empathy and compassionate care foundations. This is the power of the CARES™ competencies.

This course is best for:
  • Leaders
  • Physicians
  • Staff
  • Anyone looking to improve healthcare communication

Course Objectives

By the end of this 6-part course, you will be able to:
  1. Articulate the power of CARES™ to support your authentic communication needs.
  2. Project confidence and build patient and family confidence.
  3. Anticipate clinical, safety and emotional needs.
  4. Engage patients in their care process.
  5. Manage the last and lasting impression through safe transitions and saying thank you.