The Healthcare Experience Academy is here to inspire, develop, and activate your organization’s most important resource – its people. Our video series and eBooks have been specially crafted to help your healthcare team reach its full potential!

The Academy has been designed by physicians, clinicians, experience experts, healthcare leaders and award-winning video producers. The advice of our instructors is pragmatic and will help you improve immediately.

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Our Courses

      Accelerating Medical Practice Success
      Amplifying Emotional Intelligence – EQ
      Bedside Shift Report
      Burnout & Resiliency
      Conversation Curve
      Creating HCAHPS Excellence
      Hourly Rounding
      Patient Rounding
      Primary Care PX Excellence
      Quick Tips Library
      Reward and Recognition
      Senior Leader Rounding on Physicians and Providers
      Service Recovery

Video Snippets

Service Recovery

Understanding exactly what Service Recovery is and having a plan for implementation is top of mind for leaders in healthcare across the country. Service Recovery is a communication practice and process (including a set of tools and techniques) that can be used to make things right after something has gone wrong with the healthcare experience. Service recovery, when executed timely and effectively not only improves patient loyalty and referrals, it also positively affects quality and service outcomes.

Conversation Curve

The Conversation Curve™ is a conflict resolution model that can guide a difficult conversation to a positive resolution. This tool provides a path to break down barriers and teaches the value of true, two-way communication in difficult situations.

Primary Care Patient Experience Excellence

With the launch of the Primary Care First (PCF) payment model, there is an urgency to reflect on and evaluate where we, in clinical practices, stand in our delivery of excellent, “always” patient care experiences. In this 12-video lesson course you will be equipped to take the PCF patient experience survey through your patients’ perspective, identify the 5 specific domains that will be reported and gain knowledge to improve where you find gaps.

HCAHPS – Nurse Communication

A culture of “always” is possible today in healthcare. Every day we go to work with the earnest intent to provide excellent care for our patients and their families. The HCAHPS (Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) survey is a tool to achieve our goal. While what is measured on HCAHPS is likely what we would want for our loved ones, and everyone who wears a badge impacts HCAHPS performance, there is usually a disconnect in results. This course goes beyond understanding the data. You will learn how to drive change using skills to impact patient experience culture with practical, real world strategies you can immediately adopt.

QuickTip #13 – Setting Expectations

QuickTips are a collection of very short videos with a single key takeaway.

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