Patient Rounding for Improvement

This lesson focuses on the basics of practicing purposeful, planned rounds with your patients; and engaging in process improvement among your peers and staff. In this lesson learn principles that will elevate your patient rounding to the level of making lasting changes for your department and organization.

Course Description

Patient rounding is an essential ingredient to pivot forward and accelerate patient experience excellence. At its core patient rounding is a practice and a process, designed to connect leaders and patients to build the relationship, validate the care experience (service and quality) and gain tools to recognize and coach team performance. Yet, chances are you have tried patient rounding previously. We will help you close the gaps between effort and effectiveness with this learning course designed to reduce variability while instilling patient confidence in the organization, the team, its leadership and quality of care.

Ensure your leaders are consistent and effective across environments of care with patient rounding. Patient rounding creates cohesion to your experience management strategy- yet many times leaders and teams struggle. Our course helps you re-energize a core leader skill to impact performance in daily patient care. Learn strategies to expand your leadership to restore connections with patients, understand their experience from their perspective, engage in conversations that will equip you to coach and develop your staff. We focus on elevating the practice and process of leaders rounding on patients to improve the experience of care. This is essential for building our staff’s service excellence. In this three-part video lesson, we will take you through step by step to a meaningful, beneficial patient rounding program for your organization.

This course is best for:
  • Leaders

Course Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  1. Learn and implement key principles to elevate your patient rounding
  2. Learn the three important phases of rounding
  3. Gain greater understanding of meaningful use of patient feedback
  4. Discover how to keep rounds focused and on track
  5. Explore dos and don’ts of excellent patient rounding