About the Course

Working as a team and making that visible to our patients is crucial in our efforts to improve the patient experience. Teamwork impacts our patients’ perceptions about the care they are receiving. Whether we realize it or not, patients are taking their cues from us in evaluating their level of care and if it is excellent. In this 2 lesson video course you will gain insight and an understanding of how communicating with each other, our tone, words and behaviors, can raise or sink your patients perceptions of care.

This course is best for:
  • Leaders
  • Physicians
  • Staff
  • Anyone looking to improve healthcare communication
Teamwork has powerful outcomes in healthcare. Positive teamwork enhances patient safety and patient experience and boosts team engagement. On the other hand, any gaps or deficiencies in teamwork can have adverse effects; potentially jeopardizing patient care, experience, and overall engagement. Completing this course on Teamwork will equip you to evaluate your current teams and how they work together and provide strategies and tools to begin to build better cohesiveness, identify when blame is at work, and make gains in your patient’s positive perceptions of their care
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  1. Make your teamwork visible to patients
  2. Understand the cues patients use to perceive their care
  3. Recognize the impact of blame and negativity
  4. Identify language and behaviors to counteract negativity and blame


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