Senior Leader Rounding on Physicians and Providers

In healthcare most leaders have or are currently practicing a form of Senior Leader Rounding. The question is, what is the impact of your Senior Leader Rounding? In this lesson learn good vs best in strategies and steps of Senior Leader Rounding. Discover how effective and successful Senior Leader Rounding lead to greater engagement and advanced performance outcomes through relationships. (Video Duration 27mins:18s)

Course Description

Senior Leader Rounding is an essential competency and process to foster organizational alignment and build trust between medical staff and senior leaders. When implemented consistently and effectively, this competency and process leads to improved physician and provider engagement, patient experience, and quality outcomes. It is a practice that can quickly mobilize the organization in achieving important goals and afford the senior team the opportunity to role model and clarify expectations. This HXA Instructional 3 video series will equip your executive team to expand competencies that build confident and trusting relationships with physicians and providers.

When focusing on physician loyalty Senior Leader Rounding is a must and often a missed opportunity. Senior Leader Rounding is a critical competency and process to create and sustain service excellence. As a foundation element, it fosters physician engagement as well as supports quality and safety goals. When conducting effective and consistent Senior Leader Rounding you build trust and create a strong culture to withstand pressures facing the organization. At its best, it is a collaborative effort among senior leaders, department heads, and medical directors to advance key issues impacting engagement and objectives for the direction of the organization.

In this 3 lesson HXA Instructional course, you will develop a better understanding and application of effective Senior Leader Rounding.  In this course learn ways to overcome obstacles to being perceived as visible to your medical staff, the value of team-based approaches to rounding, drivers of physician engagement, and the best practices of hardwiring Senior Leader Rounding on physicians in your organization to advance alignment and loyalty.

This course is best for:
  • Leaders
  • Physicians

Course Objectives

By the end of this 3-part course, you will be able to:
  1. Define physician engagement and acknowledge current state
  2. Leverage Senior Leader Rounding on Physicians as an essential practice and process
  3. Address obstacles to senior leader/physician relationships and visibility
  4. Create sustainable Senior Leader Rounding on physicians
  5. Develop scheduled and personalize rounds based on drivers of physician engagement
  6. Be purposeful in building and broadening the positive to seed a successful, resilient medical staff/administration partnership