Elevating The Total Medical Practice Experience

Learn the power of excellence to create loyalty and valuable referrals to your practice. This session deep dives into understanding the patient perspective and creating strategies and processes to shape their perceptions. In this course discover practical steps you can implement immediately to improve the patient experience. (Video Duration 9mins:06s)

Course Description

Discover in this four video HXA Instructional series the key components in how patient perceptions are shaped in the clinical practice environment. Learn ways to create and set patient expectations that build confidence for them and your staff, physicians, and providers. Make a commitment to look deeper, and further into how the patients in your practice view their experience at each touch point in their care. Gain strategies and resources to elevate your patient experience, evaluate your total practice experience, re-evaluate wait times, and not just in the office, and learn the value of patient rounding.

In the clinical practice setting, patients are looking for how well they are cared for. Will they evaluate their experience through the lens of their own expectations, or through informed expectations that we guide and set for them? We can likely predict that patients are making their judgements in the areas of scheduling, the welcome or check-in, their time with the physician or provider, and at check out. The good news is that it is within our power to grow, to understand, and to take action to improve our PX performance.

The power of perception cannot be understated when it comes to patient care. As a practice we know our environment and why we do things the way we do. Our patients often have a different set of expectations than what is practical or even possible. We’re excited to partner with you in this course as we dive into key steps, processes, and strategies you can employ immediately that will create a unified practice approach to caring for patients.

In this 4 video HXF Instructional course learn how you can positively affect your patients’ experience and elevate the success of your practice to excellence.

This course is best for:
  • Leaders
  • Physicians
  • Staff
  • Anyone looking to improve healthcare communication

Course Objectives

By the end of this 4-part course, you will be able to:
  1. Identify how patients form their perceptions
  2. Engage staff and providers in creating an environment of excellence in patient experience
  3. Identify the value of teamwork and make it visible to patients
  4. Conduct effective patient rounding in your practice
  5. Use service mapping and service excellence assessments as tools to improve