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Healthcare experiences are made up of a million small encounters, each adding up to one big impression of your organization. Healthcare Experience Academy empowers you to make sure the impression you and your team leave is a positive one.

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The healthcare experience is never one single interaction. It is made up of a million small encounters where each one is an opportunity to pursue Excellence. The Healthcare Experience Academy is here to inspire, develop, and activate your organization’s most important resource - its people. Our video series and eBooks have been specially crafted to help your healthcare team reach its full potential! Watch our video and learn how.

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Excellence, every time.

Our goal is to inspire and activate your organization’s most important resource–its people. Our courses have been crafted to help you and your healthcare team reach your full potential by pursuing and achieving excellence with every patient, every time.

Our educational content provides tools and training that positions leaders, physicians and staff to deliver consistent and exceptional experiences.

Taught by leaders in the field.

The HXAcademy has been designed by physicians, clinicians, experience experts, healthcare leaders and award-winning video producers. The advice of our instructors is pragmatic and will help you improve immediately.

The content and presentation styles you’ll encounter in each lesson are rooted in the real-life experiences of our experts working with over 300 hospitals, healthcare systems, clinics and long-term care organizations. Our engaging video lessons enable you to leverage the knowledge of leaders in the field, understanding their expertise about healthcare experiences in a way that textbooks often don’t allow.

Proven Organizational Benefits:

Elevate patient experience journey

Improve organizational culture

Reduce turnover and turnover cost

Improve HCAHPS experience scores

Increase physician and employee engagement

For individuals, teams and organizations.

Are you seeking professional growth to propel your career? Are you an organization leader looking to inspire your team and drive bottom-line results? Or maybe you’re just interested in taking your organization’s commitment to patient-focused care to the next level. We designed this academy for you.

HXAcademy makes it easy for individuals to purchase access to the courses they want, and for leaders to buy access for entire teams at a price that makes sense for your organization’s size and educational needs.

Education that pays you back.

Every healthcare professional deserves training opportunities that won’t break the bank, and that pay you back dividends over time. When you purchase a course (or a discounted bundle of courses) as an individual, you pay a one-time fee and receive access to that material. For organizations, we work with you directly to create a plan for your team that fits your goals and your budget.

Learn, your way.

You don’t have time for lengthy training monologues. Our courses are made up of bite sized, two-to-seven-minute video lessons that can be viewed at your own pace and watched again at any time. No quizzes, no exams—just practical learning, at your own pace.

For organizations, the courses and accompanying e-worksheets can be used in totality or in learning modules to elevate the performance of your team as a whole, during new hire onboarding, for development in targeted areas, or in any way that fits your strategic plan.

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Ready to take your professional growth to the next level? Select and purchase your courses now. Organizations, contact us and let’s get started on a custom quote for your team.