Mindful Resources

These resources were developed through Compassion Tribe, a partnership between the Healthcare Experience Foundation and the Maryland Healthcare Education Institute. Compassion Tribe was conceived to provide a virtual community and support the healthcare workforce navigating through the pandemic. The microlearning videos are free through the Healthcare Experience Academy to equip caregivers with tools, resources, inspiration, and learning to build resiliency.

COVID-19 Team Journal

Focusing on strategies to build resiliency, teamwork, and collaboration, we have created this Team Journal in support of your heroic efforts.

We know memories change and fade over time. We hope this gives you a chance to reflect and honor your daily work to ensure excellent care to your patients, service to your community, collaboration with your team, and safety for your family.

Download your COVID-19 Team Journal here.

Video Resources

Avoiding Blame
Difficult Patient and Family Conversations
Leadership Awareness During Crisis
Supporting Your Staff in Crisis
Daily Habits and Rituals
Managing Stress During Crisis through Resiliency
Leadership Visibility
Burnout and Stress
Communication for Trust v2
Civility in the Midst of Chaos and Crisis
Leading through Change During a Crisis
Changing Perceptions
Strength in Our Collective Experience Part I
Strength in Our Collective Experience Part II
Courageous Conversations
Surviving and Thriving in Crisis
Patient Centered Behaviors in a Crisis Part I
Patient Centered Behaviors in a Crisis Part II
Patient Centered Behaviors in a Crisis Part III

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